Three Compelling Reasons Not to Handle Your Own SEO

Are you considering handling your own SEO efforts? Don’t. Here’s why:

1. SEO Evolves at Lightning Speed

What worked for your SEO efforts a year ago — or sometimes even six months ago — might not work today. Google is constantly refreshing its algorithms, which means that you need someone who stays up to date on SEO news to fine tune your strategy.

Sometimes Google announces updates and what they mean; other times, updates happen under the radar and Google doesn’t communicate what changes have been implemented. Experts make their best guesses, but there’s a lot of trial and error, as well as a lot of crowdsourcing, that goes into these guesses.

If you don’t have Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Moz and other expert resources bookmarked on your computer; if you don’t follow Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel; if you don’t have the time to sift through seemingly endless amounts of both solid information and pure speculation, then you aren’t keeping up with the permutations of SEO.

2. Good SEO and Quality Content Go Hand in Hand

You know this. It’s been a long time since you could outsource your blogging needs to an offshore content mill or stuff articles full of keywords, and still expect to get good results.

But what, exactly, constitutes “quality content”? Is it long-form blog posts? Shorter, more digestible pieces? Videos? Infographics? Mobile pages? What should your keyword density be? Does guest blogging make a difference?

Again, if you can’t answer these questions — questions which can be hard even for the pros to answer with confidence — you have no business developing a content strategy. Sure, there’s a lot of guesswork involved in content marketing, but the professionals are able to make more educated guesses than you likely are.

5. You Need to Focus on Your Core Business

Both of these two reasons, and a host of others, basically boil down to one thing: SEO strategy is complicated and time-consuming. There’s no reason you can’t roll up your sleeves, burn the midnight oil, and devote yourself to learning the ins and outs of this field — except that you have a business to run.

Any time you take to stay updated on developments in ranking algorithms or researching the ROI of your content marketing efforts is time that you aren’t spending doing the essential tasks of your day to day business.

You need to focus on R&D, human resources, customer service, payroll, employee training and management, paying your own bills, and maybe even making sure the office coffee supply is topped off. So, unless you are able to delegate and outsource all of those tasks in order to focus on learning SEO, it makes more sense to leave the digital marketing demands to the experts.

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